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The year is 2020 A.D. and the month is November. Dates of publication will appear with each post.

This is the first official post for the Tippecanoe Electronic Datum (T.E.Datum) blog. There was a demo post provided by the creators of the software (StackIdeas) but I don't consider that as an official first post. I am Daniel Kautz, creator of T.E.Datum. What I think and sometimes say, gets posted here.

I have created a fair number of separate blogs and websites in the last 20 years or so. Most involve my hobby activities, and each are subject specific. My initial purpose here is to combine topics under one blog location rather than continue posting in multiple locations. I will use categories to keep topic areas separated. I have a lot of interest areas.

I am not thinking of moving old posts here. This will be a fresh start. I may just close a few of my old blogs and/or perhaps cover some of the subjects with a fresh look. No rules. I'll just see how that goes.

Comments are welcome. Registration is not necessary to comment. I am the only person posting. That can change but it is not likely. Perhaps for family members and old friends.

I have a personal blog I call Ramblin' Dan. That's not going away. It covers things more of a personal experience and subject matter. I do a lot of "ranting" about various issues. I think I will keep TEDATUM more positive and illustrative of the things I like and the things I make. My websites will have the how-to and my blogs will be more show and tell. There are a group of links to my main activity websites on the home page.

We will see how long this plan lasts! HA!  All subject to change. I am not putting limitations on my self or this new blog. Too soon for that.

Here we go…More to come…

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