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Cetus MK3 Double Mama's

The replacement hot end arrived and was immediately installed into my Tiertime Cetus MK3. It is the printer closest to the camera with the dark (heated) print bed. The Cetus in the background is a standard MK3 without heated bed or auto leveling. She is new and is the replacement for my first Cetus, a MK2.

Both use the same heater block (red in picture), but the V2 hot end uses a different style nozzle. Printing experience is the same for both printers using PLA filament. The new hot end and heated be will permit a larger selection of printing materials.

Both printers are being run with the new Tiertime UPStudio3 Beta slicer and Wand machine controller. The software is definitely BETA with some odd behaviors. Not recommended by me for a new user.

However, it is very nice to have far more printing setting options than the UPStudio2. 

Now I can run both printers together on the same software. That is not unusual. One must be sure of which printer is selected before making entry and changes.

I have a third Cetus (my first one) that was damaged in a lightning strike awaiting new electronics from China. I have no room here to operate three together. Repair of my original Cetus is not high priority. Just didn't want to scrap her for spare p[arts. She will live again some day.

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Monday, 14 June 2021

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