I posted a blog on computer keyboards in my Ramblin’ Dan blog-site. That post was more in regards to considering a new keyboard style rather than any action taken. A friend is trying to convince me a mechanical key keyboard is the “cat’s meow”. (An excellent thing…) The lead picture is of a Keychron K4. …

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Imsai 8080

Running Light

Just hacking away on this website design and layout. Using the ASTRA template (free) version. I don’t need or want anything too fancy. It’s not a commercial revenue producing presentation website. Tried several of the Word Press templates, 2020 and 2021. I use ASTRA on the KautzCraft LASER blog site. I like the clean look …

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Not My Farm

The “Server Farm” shown in the lead picture of this website is representative. It is not the actual servers used for this website. Neither is the farm shown above. They could be, but near zero probability for both. (Ha!) T.E.Datum and most of my websites are hosted on a large (and cheap) shared hosting service. …

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Raspberry Pi


Just realized a topic I have only randomly covered in other blogs. The computer and how it affects almost every facet of our daily lives. Mine for sure. The second specific category added to this blog is COMPUTER.  The first category is SITE, but that is intended as a place to put general topics to …

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Fresh Start

Ho-Kay.  New blog and empty blog pages. No rush to fill them at the moment. I have plenty others from the many websites listed on the front page. WordPress uses two main formats with web sites. Posts and Pages.  Posts are the BLOG entires. Short topical posts usually intended to welcome comments in a somewhat …

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…to a “new” TEDatum website. We just converted to a new format in August, 2021. Everything you now see is subject to change as we play with this clean slate.