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Ho-Kay.  New blog and empty blog pages. No rush to fill them at the moment. I have plenty others from the many websites listed on the front page.

WordPress uses two main formats with web sites. Posts and Pages

Posts are the BLOG entires. Short topical posts usually intended to welcome comments in a somewhat interactive format with the readers. Unfortunately spammers have no respect for acceptable (on-topic) use and severely abuse comment systems. Comments are always filtered.

Pages are more formal in presentation and usually contain a much higher level of layout and page formatting. Columns and blocks make pages more interesting. 

Comments on Pages are sometimes permitted and are as closely filtered as much as Posts. 

Point is…  all off-topic submissions are always wasted effort on TEDATUM. SEO is not created by spamming tactics.

I have been running websites and blogs for 30 years. My admin skin is very thick… Ha!  Say “hello” if you want. We are friendly if you are.

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