A Problem?

Do I have a problem? I have too many websites.

Not actually a problem, as problems go. But having too much of anything is usually not being very efficient. Recently, I made a post in one of my websites I had not visited, or at least entered a post, in over four years. That seems like a problem. But it doesn’t hurt anyone.

One of the things I enjoy is building new websites. So, I have many of them. Again, not really a problem for me. That is all that matters. It should be of no concern to anyone else.

Most of my personal websites have low visibility or popularity. They just sit quietly on the ethernet, doing nothing. I just “poke” them once and a while to see if they are still there. None lost so far.

At first, I created a new and unique URL domain separate for each new website. They each  have an annual renewal fee, so the cost of ownership of them all was getting higher than I wished.

Using sub-domains is a good solution. Most of my websites have many things in common with each other. So, having several sharing a “root” domain is no problem. They all do not need to “stand alone” with a private URL domain name. The format is: subdomain.maindomain.com. Only the “maindomain” requires registration. All subdomains (there can be many) ride free on the front of the maindomain.

I usually post links to my more obscure subdomain sites on the front page of my active sites. That helps make them easier to find. No problem there.

Since you have read this far, be sure to check out the links on first page to my other websites.  TNX!

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