Leaves of Grass

I am totally re-enjoying my full retirement since I closed down the on-line / side-line business. I am now a very concentrated hobbyist. I love to design and make things. My many creative websites and blogs are listed in the first page of this website.

My present passion is involved with three dimensional printing. As well as being included as a category in this blog, I have two other 3D print websites. Website building is another one of my favorite activities. Links to the 3D PRINT SITES exist on the first page.

I have more than one print machine. The reason for that is my larger prints, which I enjoy designing and printing, can take a full day to print. One machine would severely limit production. The prints shown above require over ten hours each.

So, I sometimes end up with several machines operating at the same time. 

The good thing is that once a print is started, there is very little I need to do. Just waste time watching it run. The machine gets to do all the work of printing. My fun in this hobby is in the design and creation. I can create and print at the same time.

The lead photo is three of the recent items I have designed and “let the machine” print. I created the original design as a single color model in Autodesk Fusion360. A new release of UP Studio3 slicer lets me select areas to which I want printed in a second color. This works with my CETUS2 printer.

I called the original design “Grass Box” as the arcs look like blades of grass. The new color treatment really brings to the dimensionality of the design out of the relief.

I borrowed the post title above from Walt Whitman. My work is also constantly changing.

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