Experts on Energy Use

There is a huge problem in todays world, but probably has always existed. That is there are far too many “experts” who think they have the one and only answer in their “speciality”. 

Expert and Science are not one and the same. Both have become greatly diminished in quality through “spin tactics” of human based hidden  agenda’s.

Experts exist for just about everything, real or imagined, in every field of endeavor. There are experts who support “the earth is flat…” to “human caused global warming*.”

The term expert does not in any way shape or form, imply an absolute  best value. Expert is a term indicating a level of experience higher than the average layperson. That experience can be totally erroneous as to absolute truth and correctness.

The expert is actually a “knowledgable person” with a special title. It is usually earned by the amount of time, one has spent within the area of knowledge of their speciality and how much detail is involved.

It has been well reported how experts in the same subject area often don’t agree with the same opinion and conclusions. Such as expert witness for the prosecution differs from the expert witness for the defense on exactly the same evidence. 

The term “expert” is sometimes mixed with “professional.” The two terms lead in the same direction but are not the same meaning. A serious hobbyist can be more of an expert on a specific topic than a professional who makes it only a part of their business or career.

My point is that some experts take themselves too seriously. An expert can be wrong. Or often, not completely correct. They make judgements based on experience, but that judgement may not be the absolute truth. 

Experts are what most people seek when they desire experienced opinion or actions. Better choice than “going it alone” with absolutely no knowledge of what lies ahead.

So people-experts are a good thing, but they are certainly not infallible, as they are still humans. The title “Expert” is not an absolute. It simply implies some elevated point above average in skill and knowledge. 

Experts do make mistakes. But may fear admitting when they have, because of the title they present. Mistakes are a part of learning. Always has been. A true expert will admit to mistakes and become more of an expert. 

It’s up to ordinary persons to be aware “expert” is not the same as “perfect” and all experts are not judged at the same level.

* Non-expert opinion:  The way to stop human influence on climate-change is to stop all forms stored generated energy use by all humans (fossil fuels). Let 75% of the human world population perish from starvation and frigid weather. and return to a 1700’s life style. Horse carriages and farm animal plowing, and sailing ships. We can all become a world of Mennonite Amish!  Seems to me to be the few human groups who “have energy use under control!” in the 21st Century.

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