CETUS2 a Prize

Number one activity for me at age 75 is playing with my 3D print machines. I will admit to owning ten. Not all at one time but I have had up to four printing at the same time. Several are temporarily out of commission. Meaning fixable but no reason to do so.

The newest is a Tiertime Cetus2 that is not yet into production. I was given a free pre-production machine for writing a New Year’s Wish in a small product Kickstarter contest. Yep, free. Sent directly from the maker in China.

Pre-production means it is still being developed and this is an early working example. The hardware works well but still needs refinement. The biggest issue is firmware and software. Both are reported to be under intense improvement. 

I received the printer with ZERO documentation. It was disassembled and packed for shipping and it was up to my experience to figure out what should connect to what.

That was actually fun and I got it all together and operating in a few hours.

At this point I have a new free printer with great potential because of its outstanding hardware. I can make beautiful prints as long as I don’t need to add temporary (meaning removable) build supports on parts that start printing off the build platform. The present issue is they can’t be cleanly removed as they “stick” too well to the print model.

They gave it away as a contest prize to me so I could test and report on my user experience. They want user comments, both good and issues. I am really glad I can help and it IS free after all. So my inputs are definitely not complaints (as such). 

I will end up owning two of these printers. This early pre-production and also standard production when they become available. (May or June 2022) Several months from this writing.

The lead picture is the Cetus2 running a two color bowl print. 

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