A Perfect Troll

The real world is not about constant perfection. The simple truth is perfection is never a constant condition. I believe unobtainable if one looks hard enough. The tiniest flaws are sill there. Perfection is a goal dreamed up by competitive scoring. Like the “perfect 10” in the Olympics.

Moving towards perfection is admirable. The reason for music practice. “Getting better” is the act of moving towards perfection. Obtaining perfection means that part of life (the music) never gets any better. 

Contemplating the “perfect life” is the most frightening existence I can imagine. Moments of perfection are “a high” but then reality settles back in when I discover there is more room for improvement. 

I believe “near perfection” is a far better constant living condition. But that too can get old in a hurry. I am really seeking satisfaction rather than perfection.

Living with flaws and imperfection (within reason) is the best choice for experiencing variety. If every human had the “perfect” body, would we all look the same? Is there only one “perfect?” 

What makes me satisfied does not imply everyone will be satisfied. 

I am very thankful I don’t live a “perfect” existence. If I hit the bullseye with every shot every time. Why would I ever take another shot? If I were perfect, I would never miss. The exercise (and practice) would be pointless.

I know I am not the first nor the last to have these thoughts. A “perfect” Heaven is actually a perfect Hell.

Everything I do does not have to be perfect. I accept a “standard variance.” I strive to stay within a self imposed tolerance. 

The Trolls of the world can point out my flaws. That doesn’t bother me. I know that trolls must exist and it is their feeble form of feeling superior. By being the Supreme “Judge” in a perfection contest I never entered. 

Yes, I am “guilty” of not being perfect… in the mind of an ugly creature who lives in a swamp under a rotting bridge…  ha!

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