I posted a blog on computer keyboards in my Ramblin’ Dan blog-site. That post was more in regards to considering a new keyboard style rather than any action taken. A friend is trying to convince me a mechanical key keyboard is the “cat’s meow”. (An excellent thing…) The lead picture is of a Keychron K4.

Posting further personal thoughts here on TEDatum as I have been pondering the subject for a day and drawn some conclusions.

Evidentially, a mechanical key keyboard is highly rated possession by the computer gamer crowd. It’s that group that has primarily set the keyboard standard features that seemed so unnecessary (at least a bit) in the Keychron boards I have been examining.

Flashing parading colored lights behind the keys and hot-swappable keys that can be changed for whatever reason with the power on..

It’s all about modifying the looks of the keyboard and almost nothing about everyday typing operation. Gamers don’t use keyboards much for normal office tasks. Like typing text.

There ARE some folks around (me) who might like mechanical keys for normal computer communication operations. Email, texting, document writing, spreadsheets, you get the idea.

The fancy effects are not really necessary. But if they are included there is no harm. I also admit I have not done research if “plain vanilla” mechanical switch keyboards without the gamer tricks are readily available. I suspect for the keyboard makers, the big market they seek is the gamer.

People don’t buy cars without headlights even if they never intend to drive at night. First, there is probably a headlight requirement law of some kind. And second, some day there may be a need to do some night driving. Or go through a long tunnel.

A scan of keyboards available through Amazon revealed there are plenty of keyboard brands and styles from which to choose.

It’s been an interesting diversion investigating the options. As I said in the other blog, I may be missing something using my present “thumper” short stroke keyboards. Is long-stroke “clickity-clack” keyboard a better experience?

It’s a very personal preference. Only determined by experience.

I remember using the IBM-PC1 keyboard. It was large and heavy and went clickey-clack. Was it bad? Don’t think so. I used it a lot and it worked. I wan’t thinking about swapping key caps and switches. It definitely did not have lighting behind the keys,

Perhaps I need to have at least one mechanical switch keyboard in my equipment list. I have plenty of keyboards. Many all plastic and in the $25 and under price range. My “good” Logitech keyboards are in the $100 class and worth it. 

Is there a place for a mechanical if there is no actual need? I’ll let you know eventually. For now though, I think I am happy to be in the quite zone…

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