Imsai 8080

Running Light

Just hacking away on this website design and layout. Using the ASTRA template (free) version. I don’t need or want anything too fancy. It’s not a commercial revenue producing presentation website.

Tried several of the Word Press templates, 2020 and 2021. I use ASTRA on the KautzCraft LASER blog site. I like the clean look I have there. Looks like it will be my standard here.

But as always, there are no hard rules. I like to experiment. So everything is subject to change without notice… <grin>

Haven’t settled into a single “mission” or publication purpose for  It is my “root” domain for many of the websites linked on the front page. That is its primary purpose. Also (is) a domain I use occasionally for email, with the .com version URL primary. will probably just become multi purpose.

My objective at the moment is to become more confident and creative with the newer block editing system now default and “standard” with Word Press. This undedicated website is a good place to experiment and “play” with the features. Not (yet) a lot of subject matter and layout complications.

I see the possibilities but honestly am not “in love” with the new editing. I have used other block editors that are much friendlier and intuitive. Word Press editor is functional and I am getting the “hang” of it fairly well. Like everything, it takes some “getting used to”.

Running Light

When I first started playing with personal computers (a lifetime ago) there was a publication named “Dr. Dobb’s Journal of Tiny Basic Calisthenics and Orthodontia” Its banner motto was “Running light without over-byte.”

Later shortened to just “Dr. Dobb’s Journal” when it started taking itself too seriously and expanded beyond machine assembly language and Tiny BASIC. Seems the fun goes away when “serious” happens. <grin>

In any case, I have always remembered the original. A part of the KISS philosophy, “Keep It Simple Stupid” Machine code needed to be very short and precise back in the 8080 processor days.


The lead photo is my first computer* the IMSAI 8080. I loaded a 2K Palo Alto Tiny Basic into the memory through the front panel switches and saved it out to perforated paper tape on my Ascii Teletype terminal.

Today I just tinker with website software…

*Not MY actual machine. example found on-line.

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