Not My Farm

The “Server Farm” shown in the lead picture of this website is representative. It is not the actual servers used for this website. Neither is the farm shown above. They could be, but near zero probability for both. (Ha!)

T.E.Datum and most of my websites are hosted on a large (and cheap) shared hosting service. I don’t want to say which one. I have moved all my sites between several through the years.

The present service is very dependable. I will privately recommend if anyone asks, but in this world, everything is subject to change. I have had hosts change ownership and turn into a P.O.S. (Piece Of Sewage). Ugh.

Moving a dozen sites is no easy task.

I also have sites running on AWS (Amazon Web Service). Outstanding performance. Far more technical, requiring a high level of system operations knowledge. Not for the casual web site builder. 

The benefit is a private IP address on a single user virtual server. The virtual machine can be totally custom configured and sized for the users needs. This is the way to go if one has the necessary skills. Far better than owning ones own hardware.

Take a look HERE to see what AWS offers:

AWS is a bit more expensive. Hobbyist blog sites require very little overhead and computer power. My AWS servers are small and affordable. No more than I need.

All my servers are running a Linux operating system. 

Also, Not my Farm

When I worked for a large corporation, I created several intranet websites using MS Sharepoint on Microsoft servers. These were a part of MS Project, used to manage our extremely large construction projects nationwide. I also built a computerized project management system with software called Spitfire

None of these are for the casual web designer. Only Sharepoint was most like the typical WWW internet website. All of them operated on corporate owned and managed web servers controlled (ultimately) by corporate IT staff. I was the webmaster but was not involved with hardware and system set-up. (thank goodness) as MS servers are a different animal.


I am happy to just dabble with my hobbyist grade websites. My many blogs are like a diary of my hobby activities. Just informative. They have no agenda to shape or change other peoples opinions. I hope they can spark and feed others to try the activities I enjoy.

Thanks for reading…

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