Raspberry Pi


Just realized a topic I have only randomly covered in other blogs. The computer and how it affects almost every facet of our daily lives. Mine for sure.

The second specific category added to this blog is COMPUTER. 

The first category is SITE, but that is intended as a place to put general topics to the operation and design of the TEDatum website. Better than using the Uncategorized default. IMHO

Makes a lot of sense. TEDatum is all about electronics and computers as explained in the About page in the main menu. 

I have a website dedicated to my amateur radio interested and activities. W5EHS.com. Amateur radio includes a lot of computer activity, but not all computers involve amateur radio. So I will cover the latter in this blog.


The photo is a SBC (Single Board Computer) called a Raspberry Pi (RPi). More about that at another time and post. It serves as an example (here) of a highly popular and low cost general computing device.

This Raspberry Pi has been given the task of server on my network running and displaying “OctoPrint” which stores and sends 3D print g-code files to three of my FDM (filament type) 3D printers.

Servers don’t require their own keyboard, mouse, or monitor. That makes them be located out of the way, usually out of sight. Other computers interface with them with a network connection.

The OctoPrint can only service one operating printer at a time. The software is free and the RPi computers are low cost. No problem to enable more than one. I currently own more than several more…

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