Tippecanoe Electronic Datum

What’s in a Name

I have been interested in electronics all my life. My parents bought me an electronics experimenter breadboard kit in the mid 1950’s. It used vacuum tubes and “A” and “B” batteries. I remember the “B” battery was 45 volts! It was an actual wood board and required screwing down Fahnestock clips to make circuit connections. That’s 65 years ago. The transistor was still a lab experiment at that time.

In 1969  I became a licensed amateur radio operator after dreaming 15 years about sending as well as receiving radio signals. I was just married and starting my own life. Still active in the Navy Reserve. My chief petty officer, John Petrick W8BNO gave me my Novice test at the reserve center. WN8EHS was my first radio callsign. Now W5EHS.

After a couple of residence moves and two kids on deck (boy/girl) twins born in 1972,  I was living on a road named Tippecanoe. There is a lot of history and lore attached to the name. But I just like the sound of it, and it WAS the road upon which I lived.

I wanted a business-sounding name for all the electronic components I was purchasing. Tippecanoe Electronics was born about 1974. It was more a purchase identity rather than true business for profit.

The word Datum was added a few years later as I became more involved with building and design, as datum is a reference base line from which all things are measured. Simple as that.

I have used the name constantly since the mid 1970’s. later, I started doing “desktop publishing” as a sideline and also digital electronic photo restorations. The name continued into my website development activities (publishing) and for me, continues the meaningful connecting thread of all things electronic.

The abbreviated version is T.E.Datum (with the periods). When I wanted a simple internet URL, tedatum became the choice. I obtained tedatum.com (later .net and .org) and used it for email and website publication. It has a very long lifeline.

Tippecanoe Electronic Datum has existed and used for ~45 years at this point (AD-2020).