I have updated the OS (Operating System) for the TEDatum.net website. Well, maybe not the OS. It is still Linux. But the site presentation is now the long-reliable Word Press.  Newest version of course.

As a WebMaster I have two favorite CMS (Content Management System) software packages. Word Press and Joomla. I have played with Drupal on occasion but Drupal offers (me) no great advantage over my favorite two.

So here we are with another fresh start with the TEDatum base web presence.

BTW, The lead picture on the HOME page is not the actual servers for this website. It’s simply representative of a server farm…

I have been an electronics techie all my life. I was buying electronic circuit components from Lafayette Electronics and Allied Radio since the mid 1950’s. It took me until 1969 to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (Now W5EHS callsign).

After I became a ham-radio guy, I wanted an “official” sounding business name for purchasing my electronic components. I created Tippecanoe Electronics

Tippecanoe because that was a the street name where I was living at the time in Canfield, Ohio, USA.  It’s unusual and it does have some historic legacy if you look up Tippecanoe with a search engine. 

However, the infamous Indian battle you will discover in your search did not create the name. Only associated the “Battle of Tippecanoe” with the river in Indiana named “Tippecanoe” where it was fought. 

These are “sensitive” times. I feel assured, no native Americans are being dishonored by this use of the name of the Tippecanoe river for this domain. Actually Tippecanoe is not even part of the domain, just a part of how the TEDatum name was created. If you search further, there is also a county named Tippecanoe in Indiana.

As a ham radio operator, I was encouraged by my radio peers to explore HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) in the 1990’s and build a web site on the new communication media called the World Wide Web (the Internet). I needed a URL (Universal Resource Locator) linked to my IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Thus was born Tippecanoe Electronic Datum or shortened to www.tedatum.com.  A standard URL format at the time. The “WWW” is no longer required, but can still be used.

Datum has two meanings. A piece of information and also a fixed starting point where all further measurement is referenced. I thought perfect for a web URL. 

@tedatum.com became my internet email domain server and has remained since the 1990’s My first email service was a phone modem connection to Compuserve in Columbus, Ohio around the mid 1980’s. Not free, there was a minute by minute connection cost.

The point is there is a long history behind tedatum. It now includes all the big three TLD’s (Top Level Domain), .com, .net, and .org.

I host many sub-domains from the TEDatum server. Many of those links are listed from this website.

Where we go from here and what I present on this site is uncertain. It is my place to experiment and stay flexible. 

I am glad you stayed long enough to read this far. Please come back and see what is happening next with TEDATUM.